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Is a home share suitable for a professional tenant?

Before you move into a shared house, check out this article and see whether the shared house is really suitable for you.

1. Convenient

Most of the professional tenants want to rent a place which is closer to the location to where they work. So check out the location and see whether the shared house you found could get you to the workplace in a convenient way. For instance, is there any parking near place you have found? It will be frustrating if you have to travel to work by car and there is no parking near your home.

2. The Rent and Total Costs of living

During a traditional letting process the renter will have to pay a deposit (up to 6 weeks) plus a moving in fees to the agent. Then there is the bills to pay, furnishing, plus maintenance etc the cost could add up for the tenant.

Staying in a share house is simple and easier to find a home. With a shared house there is no deposit or bills to pay. The maintenance and basic furnishing is taken care off and you just have to take care of making your place in to a home. The monthly rent covers pretty much all the costs, you may even get a cleaner for the communal areas. Do you see the difference and how life could be made easier for you ?

3. Maintenance of your home

Most of the professional tenants tend to rent a whole house at the beginning, but then they sometime regret they did. Why? Because of their busy lifestyle, they have no time or not enough know how to maintain or clean the house. In the end, the condition of the house is not as comfortable as you imagined it would be. The next thing you know, you are spending your free time on maintenance, like cleaning the house, change the faulty light bulb, etc.

Staying in a shared house, makes it easier for you, a shared house managed by a letting agency, you will not need to face all these problems. Take Letting Options 4U as an example. We provide regular cleaning services to ensure all communal areas of the house are cleaned and maintained to a high standard. We are also providing the immediate repair/replacement for any faulty equipment right after a call. If you want to stay in a house that comes with services like this, click here to contact us and we will get one for you.

4. A house that makes you feel like a home

Most of the private landlords are only equipping their property with the basic facilities and renovation. You may have to do work to make it more comfortable before you moving in. Do you really want to live in a house like that? How about a managed shared house that is well renovated and has a living area with warm lighting, or a bathroom with a high-quality shower head?

In short, shared house or HMO property is suitable for those professional tenants if they are looking for a well-renovated house with affordable rent and supported with maintenance and cleaning services.

Check out this page and get to know more how Letting Options 4U should be the first letting agent you can consider if you want to get a shared house in North West, London.


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