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For any landlord, the idea of Guaranteed Rent and HMO Management is an attractive one...

...however there are actually quite a number of different 'Guaranteed Rent' & “HMO Management” options on the market, so understanding exactly what is and isn't covered for each is vital.

We think we offer a unmatched service to HMO Landlord.
We only focus in NW London areas and can provide a unique service based on Quality, Care, Value to our Tenants and Landlords.

See how we compare ..

Guaranteed Rent Compared

There are a number of different Guaranteed Rent services on the market. Essentially, there are four different models:


  1. Our Guaranteed Rent service

  2. Guaranteed Rent protection insurance

  3. Agents acting on behalf of a local council

  4. Rent to rent agents or individuals

  5. National or Citywide guaranteed rent providers


It is vital for any landlord to understand exactly what is and what isn't being guaranteed by their lettings service

Guaranteed Rent services is offered on any type of property. From studios to large houses and even blocks, we have tenants looking for different types of rooms and home shares. Please contact us for further details.

HMO Management Compared

Many Agents or multilet service providers try to offer a service to HMO Landlord. 


We have seen the Good, Bad and the  Ugly.


Unlike other HMO Lettings Agents, we have a team which consists of experienced Property Managers, Fire Risk Assessors, cleaners and maintenance team. We understand council regulations in depth and offer you access to our HMO management system so that you can see exactly how your portfolio is being managed in real time. 

Letting Options 4U can provide a hybrid solution if full HMO management is not required. Please contact us for further details.

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