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We are your ideal Tenants

Letting Options 4U have established good working relationships with agents in North West London. We would like to be your Business Partner and from strong alliances with forwarding thinking Letting Agency.

Rent your property to us and avoid the costs and time involved with letting the traditional way. Most agents are too busy to deal with house-shares that are rented by the room.

We love house shares that specialise in letting properties to Professional tenants from local businesses and companies along with the universities and hospitals.

The tangible benefits to the forward-thinking letting agent are numerous:

Agents can continue to get the tenant finder, rent collection and management fees from the Landlord (if the property is currently fully managed by the Agent) 

Agents would not be required to undertake any work at all except pass the Guaranteed Rent to the landlord

We would take care of everything from rent collection to maintenance and tenant issues. (Only gas/electric certs, EPC, boiler & heating repairs are managed by the Agent)

Agents saves on staff time being used for viewing, marketing and maintenance management.

We also protect Agents and the landlord from void periods

We offer a stable and secure alternative to short term ASTs and increasing returns for both agents and landlords. The letting agent simply needs to find us a suitable property and then collect your commission for the next 5 years with little effort on your part.

We can use properties in any part of North West London and in any condition. Even the dirty, smelly ones!!



There are 5 simple steps involved in the Letting Options 4U Solution.


We have a perfect solution for Agents and able to offer a number of hybrid solutions for homeowners and landlords.

Join forces with us and see tangible benefits Agents, Landlords, Renters and Letting Options 4U.


Agent provide a house and we provide market rent


Agent keep all the tenant finders, rent collection and management fees (if agreed with owner)


Letting Options 4U upgrades the property and puts our professionl tenants in and we do the management


Letting Options 4 U pays rent directly to you every month. (if agreed with owner)


Letting Options 4 U returns the propety clean and in good condition at the end of the agreed period.

Referring a Landlord

Do you have a property or know a Landlord in mind who has a property you think might be perfect for Letting Options 4U London?

Contact our Team on 0208 088 1311 today, fill out an enquiry form or email us at


Our Fantastic Tenants

54% Female + 45% male

aged 25 to 40

Profession – Admin, Finance, IT, Legal, Health, Sales

Average tenancy period – 16 months

Challenge us to show you how much easier it is working with us. We have proven over and over again to Agents that the numbers work. Partnering with Letting Options 4U is the most easiest choice you will ever make.

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