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How COVID-19 affects guaranteed rent?

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If you have a similar question to the title of this post, then it is time for you to review the guaranteed rent scheme provided to you. We have a comprehensive comparison table comparing the 3 major types of guaranteed rent scheme. You can click here to learn more.

Generally, the guaranteed scheme is either provided by the letting agency, council or an insurance company. So you need to make a call to confirm the details with the provider and ensure you know what type of service you are receiving.

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Why this question matter to you as a landlord?

Based on the latest policy from the UK government, there is still a lot of businesses are being forced to remain close in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. So the employees of these businesses may not be able to keep their job and forced to leave from their position. This situation is leading to a huge group of tenants end the tenancy contract much earlier and leave the property (or unable to pay rent). As a result, the landlord or the letting agents lose the source of income which suppose to support the payment of guaranteed rent.

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What to do as a landlord to keep the tenant stay?

As a landlord, we advise you to take proactive action to discuss with your existing tenant. You will find out whether they are still able to pay the rent or wish to end the tenancy contract earlier. This step is crucial as not all employees are eligible for the JSS (Job Support Scheme) scheme from the government which pay 77% of their pay. Check out this blog post and see what you can do if the tenant wishes to end the tenancy earlier.

If you are letting your property to Letting Options 4U, then you have no worries on this as the guaranteed rent scheme provided by us remain the same as it is—NO CHANGES to our STRESS-FREE HMO Management Service. In case, you are still maintaining the property by your own or considering to change a new letting agency, click here to contact us. We will help you out.


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